Manningtree Chess Club Match Results.

A-Team B-Team C-Team Suffolk Cup Suffolk Plate U145



 Ipswich F 19/03/19Manningtree B
1Samuel J Brennan 141 1 - 0Jim Buis 154
2Les J Jones 133 0 - 1Robert W Stephens 139
3Adam Wilson 102 1 - 0John WF McAllister 138
4Patrick Glason 65 0 - 1Adrian Sanderson 111
   2 - 2
We had realistic hopes of winning The Plate back this year, or at least of reaching the final. But this is another one of those that simply got away after we had it well and truly hooked.
  We all got off to a reasonable start, although Bob lost a pawn in the opening for little compensation and had to plan his counter with care. He managed to fend off his opponent's bishop pair and following sustained pressure on his opponent's king's position, he came away a queen to the good.
  Adrian's Sicilian was met without the customary 3.d4, but he managed to build a commanding position and converted it without too much trouble.
  Meanwhile John had patiently turned a closed game into a comfortably won ending when a catastrophic blunder undid all the hard work.
  Jim was last to finish, and we now needed at least a draw to avoid going out on board elimination. It was getting a bit tricky for by now Jim was the exchange down for a couple of pawns. It is quite likely that there was still a draw in there somewhere, but Jim was down to his last couple of minutes (plus increments) and his opponent was determined.
  That was in fact Jim's first loss for the club this season, and while it sees us leave the competition against our expectations, it does mean we can now concentrate on the League.

 Manningtree B 04/12/18Bury St Edmunds A
1Jim Buis 153 1 - 0Default
2John WF McAllister 137 1 - 0Default
3Robert W Stephens 135 1 - 0Default
4Mark A Webley 123 1 - 0Default
   4 - 0
As Bury A have defaulted all of their away matches so far this season, it came as no great surprise when we received an email early on the day of the match to say that they couldn´t raise a team. And of course, this would have to happen on one of the few occasions when we had our full nominated squad available.
  It seems a bit odd that a club like Bury should have their A-Team default their way out of the Cup and Plate, and sit at the bottom of Division Two in the League. Shouldn´t your A-Team be your flagship team?