Manningtree Chess Club Championship 2019-2020

1Rowland Kerrx-----1---11001
2Alan Story-x---1----11001
3Jim Buis--x½------1010½
4Simon Webber--½x------1010½
5Philip Hutchings----x-----00000
6Bob Stephens-0---x----10010
7John McAllister0-----x---10010
8Carl Phillips-------x--00000
9David Welsh--------x-00000
10Adrian Sanderson---------x00000

ROUND ONE (October)
Oct 2 David Welsh112vPhilip Hutchings162
Oct 2 Jim Buis155½-½Simon Webber117
Oct 9 John McAllister1250-1Rowland Kerr130
Oct 9 Carl Phillips120vAdrian Sanderson110
Oct 16Alan Story741-0Bob Stephens144
ROUND TWO (November)
Nov 13Philip Hutchings162vCarl Phillips120
Nov 13John McAllister125vJim Buis155
Nov 13Simon Webber117vBob Stephens144
Nov 13Adrian Sanderson110vDavid Welsh112
Nov 13Rowland Kerr130vAlan Story74

ROUND THREE (December)
Dec 11Simon Webber117vPhilip Hutchings162
Dec 11Bob Stephens144vDavid Welsh112
Dec 11Adrian Sanderson110vRowland Kerr130
Dec 11Alan Story74vJohn McAllister125
Dec 18Carl Phillips120vJim Buis155

ROUND FOUR (January)
Jan 22Rowland Kerr130vBob Stephens144
Jan 29Philip Hutchings162vJohn McAllister125
Jan 29Jim Buis155vAdrian Sanderson110
Jan 29David Welsh112vCarl Phillips120
Jan 29Simon Webber117vAlan Story74

ROUND FIVE (February/March)
Feb 12Adrian Sanderson110vSimon Webber117
Feb 26David Welsh112vJohn McAllister125
Feb 26Alan Story74vCarl Phillips120
Mar 4 Rowland Kerr130vPhilip Hutchings162
Mar 4 Bob Stephens144vJim Buis155

Apr 1Philip Hutchings162vBob Stephens144
Apr 1John McAllister125vAdrian Sanderson110
Apr 1Carl Phillips120vSimon Webber117
Apr 1Jim Buis155vRowland Kerr130
Apr 1David Welsh112vAlan Story74

Apr 15Jim Buis155vPhilip Hutchings162
Apr 15Bob Stephens144vJohn McAllister125
Apr 15Simon Webber117vDavid Welsh112
Apr 15Rowland Kerr130vCarl Phillips120
Apr 15Alan Story74vAdrian Sanderson110

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