Manningtree Chess Club Championship 2019-2020

1John McAllisterx0-0--11-153023
2Philip Hutchings1x½-1-----3210
3Simon Webber-½x--½1½--4130
4Rowland Kerr1--x-1----22002
5David Welsh-0--x1--1-32012
6Adrian Sanderson--½00x-1½-51222
7Alan Story0-0---x--131021
8Jim Buis0-½--0-x--3012½
9Carl Phillips----0½--x-2011½
10Bob Stephens0-----0--x20020

ROUND ONE (October)
Oct 2 David Welsh1120-1Philip Hutchings162
Oct 2 Jim Buis155½-½Simon Webber117
Oct 9 John McAllister1250-1Rowland Kerr130
Oct 9 Carl Phillips120½-½Adrian Sanderson110
Oct 16Alan Story741-0Bob Stephens144
ROUND TWO (November)
Nov 13Philip Hutchings162vCarl Phillips120
Nov 13John McAllister1251-0Jim Buis155
Nov 13Simon Webber117vBob Stephens144
Nov 13Adrian Sanderson1100-1David Welsh112
Nov 13Rowland Kerr130vAlan Story74

ROUND THREE (December)
Dec 11Simon Webber117½-½Philip Hutchings162
Dec 11Bob Stephens144vDavid Welsh112
Dec 11Adrian Sanderson1100-1Rowland Kerr130
Dec 11Alan Story740-1John McAllister125
Dec 18Carl Phillips120vJim Buis155

ROUND FOUR (January)
Jan 22Rowland Kerr130vBob Stephens144
Jan 29Philip Hutchings1621-0John McAllister125
Jan 29Jim Buis1550-1Adrian Sanderson110
Jan 29David Welsh1121-0Carl Phillips120
Jan 29Simon Webber1171-0Alan Story74

ROUND FIVE (February/March)
Feb 12Adrian Sanderson110½-½Simon Webber117
Feb 26David Welsh112vJohn McAllister125
Feb 26Alan Story74vCarl Phillips120
Mar 4 Rowland Kerr130vPhilip Hutchings162
Mar 4 Bob Stephens144vJim Buis155

Apr 1Philip Hutchings162vBob Stephens144
Apr 1John McAllister125vAdrian Sanderson110
Apr 1Carl Phillips120vSimon Webber117
Apr 1Jim Buis155vRowland Kerr130
Apr 1David Welsh112vAlan Story74

Apr 15Jim Buis155vPhilip Hutchings162
Oct 30thBob Stephens1440-1John McAllister125
Apr 15Simon Webber117vDavid Welsh112
Apr 15Rowland Kerr130vCarl Phillips120
Apr 15Alan Story74vAdrian Sanderson110

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